First blog post


Did you ever undergo an awkward introduction whether it be in a party, school, or work? Writing this took me around a whole week because I was not sure on what to write as my first “official” post. I knew that whatever I posted would one day come back to haunt me. Therefore, I decided to keep this post short and simple.

The Twenties Diary came to life because I am a twenty-something year old who has created a bucket list revolved around traveling. My passion is traveling and I want to encourage the youth of other twenties to go out and experience the world, whether it be in the same places I went to or different places. This blog will be about my past, present, and future travels. I will be writing posts (daily — I’ll try real hard) on topics such as, studying abroad, solo trips, trips with friends, reviews, tips and tricks. Along, with posts I hope to upload videos, especially, for those who find auditory better than visual! So, bear with me because I am a complete newbie in this social realm of the world but I do hope to improve as time passes!

Well, that is it for now and if you want to learn more about me and how I found my interest in traveling — feel free to check out the “About” page as I wrote a letter to all my readers. Warning: It is quite a loooooooong letter.


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