Travel Bucket List


Be free and have fun! Live out your life!

What is a bucket list? When do you start making a bucket list?

Many think of a bucket list as a list that is created after being diagnosed with a fatally terminal disease. I want to shatter that perception. Bucket list can be created at all ages whatever the occasion should be. I, at the age of 21, am creating a bucket list right now as I write this post. I want to create a lifelong bucket list to encourage myself to explore the world and the endless activities available. This list will comprise of simple and even radical activities that I plan to accomplish all throughout my life, whether it be now or in my thirties, fifties, eighties, etc.

This list will be growing as I discover new activities or places I want to encounter through the endless amounts of books, magazines, and movies I come across! This will be the one post where I continuously update and it will also be posted on the “Bucket List” page.

Check out my current list, as of now:

  1. Hot Air Balloon in Turkey
  2. Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls, Africa
  3. Parasailing in Australia
  4. Sandboarding in Africa
  5. Bike Ride in London
  6. Volunteer in Haiti
  7. Watch a soccer game in England
  8. Watch a film in a drive-in theater
  9. Learn skiing
  10. Go camping and learn to set-up a tent
  11. View cherry blossoms in Japan
  12. Ride a roller-coaster
  13. Study abroad in a new country
  14. Travel with friends
  15. Go on a self journey for a whole year, similar to Eat, Pray, Love
  16. Hike in Switzerland



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