Hot Summer

중요한건 진실이 아냐.. 사람들이 믿고있는 것이 바로 진실이 되는 거야” 

“What is important is not the truth…What people believe is the truth”

– Pinocchio (피노키오) 2014-2015.


So what do people think about the show Pinocchio? When I hear that drama the first item that I think about is their famous hangout dessert cafe, Sulbing (설빙). Back when this show first aired I always drooled over the scenes that took place there while the table setting would be filled with Korean toast and Korean shaved ice. When I first heard Sulbing would be coming to America I was ecstatic only to be faced with disappointment when I later learned it would only be available in California, which happens to be the complete opposite of where I live.

Luckily, I arrived in Jinju, South Korea after two years of desperately wanting to try their dessert.  At first, I thought I would only be able to find Sulbing in Seoul and Busan since those are the two largest cities in South Korea; however, I soon learned that Sulbing is available in the small countryside as well! Sulbing is a huge franchise now that holds over 400 stores in 16 countries. From a business point, I am thinking that happened through the extensive PPL (product placement) of this cafe in several dramas. Either way, I am glad to see it expand and I hope they build one in New York City, as well.

There are a few within Jinju; however, I went to the one in Daeandong since it is downtown! It was on the second floor of a building and it was spacious, there was enough space without one feeling cramped into another table’s conversation. The problem with Starbucks in America is they push all the tables close to one another, leaving no breathing space. Since, it is downtown there were a mix of people: couples, friends, and families. There were many conversations happening but it was not loud; in fact, there was space between each tables to avoid eavesdropping into other’s conversation. Next time I can bring a novel and spend hours reading there while indulging on their food. I also enjoyed their minimalistic interior but the best part was, of course, the food.

Injeolmi Toast: This is the toast I have seen in the drama and since I am a huge fan of Injeolmi (Sticky Korean Rice Cake) I had to order this dish! The dish contained two slices of bread that were crunchy. The middle was filled with melted Injeolmi and the top was splattered with almond and Injeolmi powder. The texture of the toast, as a whole, is similar to grilled cheese as the Injeolmi is sticky in the middle. The toast was warm and delicious. It felt too small because our plate was empty within a split second. This is a dish that is not too heavy and can be consumed by one person; however, it can also be shared especially if you want to order two different dishes.

Mango and Grapfruit Shaved Ice Cream: Bottom was ice and yogurt mixed together. The middle was chunks of mango and grapefruit. Lastly, the top was vanilla ice cream! Since I also ordered the Injeolmi Toast I chose a fruity shaved ice cream as the second pair. I heard their Injeolmi Shaved Ice Cream is the most popular one as it contains: red bean, Injeolmi powder, and rice cake. Therefore, I definitely plan to try that next time but the mango and grapefruit shaved ice cream was right for me! I enjoy eating fruits but I am always wary of ordering fruit based shaved ice creams. Usually when I get a fruit based shaved ice cream in Paris Baguette, the fruits are so small and limited and since the ice is just plain ice there is no taste to the dish. Therefore, I was surprised when the ice tasted like yogurt in Sulbing! The fruit based shaved ice was not dull at all and it contained enough flavor due to the larger chunks of the fruits and the mixture of yogurt! Although, Injeolmi Shaved Ice is popular I recommend you get the Injeolmi toast with a fruit based shaved ice, instead!

Overall, in South Korea there are way too many franchise cafes. In America, the only cafes on the streets are Starbucks; however, in South Korea there are several various ones in one street. For example, one block may have Ediya Coffee, Sulbing, Paris Baguette, etc. It may be confusing to choose a cafe here but you can never go wrong with Sulbing! Wherever you are in South Korea, check out Sulbing and their wonderful desserts!

Address: (대안동 19-12 2층) 19-12 Daean-dong, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea


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