Spicy Food For Stressed Days

Ever had a bad week full of mishaps and stress? The best comfort food for most people are greasy pizza and fries or ice cream; however, I indulge in spicy food. After a long week of work complications I craved spicy and decided to try spicy octopus (jukumi 쭈꾸미).

Before arriving in Jinju I kept thinking that Jinju would be a place full of farms and forest only; however, I was wrong. Jinju is more of a rural setting rather than a metropolitan city but amidst the many neighborhoods there is a small city atmosphere. Most university and high school students hang out near the Gyeongsang National Univeristy, Daean-dong (Jinju Downtown), or Pyeonggeo-dong (one of Jinju’s housing district). Those three places house various cafes, restaurants, and small boutique stores — known as the downtown and hangout spot in Jinju. The restaurant Sinjuku was located in Pyeonggeo-dong near the Nam River. Like many restaurants in Korea the interior released a home-like atmosphere. It felt as if I was sitting at home next to the fireplace talking with my family while waiting for the warm food to come out.

The menu is simple as there are only two main choices to choose from.

Two choices: The main dish is spicy octopus but there are two different sets, one that offers spicy octopus with gorgonzola pizza and one with acorn jelly pancake. Since I am a huge fan of Korean pancakes I chose the acorn jelly pancake. However, I saw the table next to me and they ate the spicy octopus with the gorgonzola pizza to lessen the spicy level. If you want a more Korean style meal and can handle the spiciness, choose the acorn jelly pancake. If you want a more fusion meal and can not tolerate high levels of spicy then opt for the gorgonzola pizza because the cheese on the pizza will help your mouth when it comes to the spicy octopus.

On the right is the acorn jelly pancake. On the left is acorn jelly refreshing soup. The soup was cold and perfect for the summer temperatures. The humidity outside makes it horrible to walk around; therefore, a cold soup is the best remedy to prevent yourself from a possible heat stroke in Korea.

Now, the main dish is the spicy octopus and the bowl of rice and seaweed. The best way to eat this meal is to dump the bean sprouts and sliced radish first on top of your rice. Lastly, try the spicy octopus, by itself first and then dump into the bowl of rice. Commence the intense mixing until your rice turns a nice shade of red.


Start eating the mixed rice and the spicy octopus until your mouth starts to feel funny.


As you continue to consume the spicy octopus your mouth will slowly start to burn. At that point you can ask the server for the juice as it will be brought to you cold. Once you start drinking the cool peach juice your mouth will feel happy again!

Once you walk out the restaurant, your mind will be overwhelmed on all the spicy food you just ate that all the stressful mishaps will be wiped away! Bon Appetit!

Address: 경남 진주시 새들말로 76-13 경남 진주시 평거동 1022



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