Choose 4978, Not Starbucks

In America, whichever street you are on from left to right the only cafes you can spot are probably Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McCafe (aka McDonalds). Local cafes are a rare find and require intense researching beforehand. South Korea houses many franchise cafes, as well. A few famous cafes are Angel-In-Us, Ediya, Ban Ban Springs, The Venti, etc. However, amidst these big name brands lies small and cute local cafes. Cafes are a big hit around Korea as it offers a brief moment of comfort from the hectic lifestyle of school and/or work.

I introduce you to Cafe Gallery (Galerie) 4978! This is the perfect spot for couples and friends to meet up. The cafe is small with about 5 or 6 seating areas, which is limited but the seating areas are all unique making it one of their two main specialities! Every local cafe has their own specific standout qualities. Each seat offers a private space for you to converse with your boyfriend or friends! The atmosphere is very lovey-dovey and I’m sure if you went with your boyfriend, you could have a great time! Friends would love this spot as you can talk quietly without anyone eavesdropping into your conversation.

After finding a spot to sit there was a photo album waiting to be opened on the table. That album was the menu. The album menu was the perfect fit for the home-like atmosphere of this cafe. The menu featured drinks, pastries, and cake sets.

Drinks: Fruit beverages (made with 100% real fruit), Espresso Variation (they had my favorite vienna coffee), and tea (milk tea, lemon tea, revolution tea)

Pastries: Tiramisu, Fresh Cream Cake, Choco Fresh Cream, Mille-Feuilie, Creme Brulee, Greek yogurt, Macaron, Scone, Cannele

Cake Sets: Cake Set for 2 people (a plate featuring a main cake with fruits on the side with two Americano drinks), Cake Set for 1 person (Creme Brulee with Americano), Last set (Caramel Scone or Macaron with Americano)

* Tip: Go with another person because the main point of this cafe is the cake set for 2 people. *

The artwork and creation of this masterpiece is the second specialty to this cafe. The cake set came out so beautiful that we were hesitant to ruin this creation with our forks and mouths. Along, with the cake set and our Americano drinks we received a free herb tea, as well. The cake set came with chocolate fudge, espresso jelly, chocolate bits, meringue, chocolate syrup, cherries, blueberries, and a giant macaron with cream cheese in the middle. The tiramisu was so soft that it melted inside the mouth. Although, the plate seems small it was filling and the herb tea helped reduce the sweetness!

After finding this cute little gem I am excited to see what else Jinju has to offer during my next two months here!

P.S. You are only allowed to stay here for a maximum of three hours, which should be plenty of time to chat, refresh, and have fun!


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