Aloha Jojo Moyes

Ever had a novel you loved so much that you kept reading it over and over again. Before departing Korea I read and watched Me Before You; however, I could not resist leaving that back at home. I brought the novel with me and since it is small and portable I take it around with me everyday. Today was the first day it stopped raining in Jinju and I decided to take a trip downtown. It was so hot at one point that I had to sit and cool myself down.


After walking around aimlessly attempting to follow Google Maps I gave up and strolled into this small local cafe, Aloha, with beads of sweat on my forehead. It was located on the second floor and thankfully it was empty allowing me to rest for an hour or two before heading back out in the scorching heat.

In a heat wave, go for the cold drink. I chose the Grapefruit Ade; however, they offer various other drinks such as smoothies, espresso, and even wine! After receiving the drink I was told to stir the grapefruit, allowing it to slowly rise to the top. After sipping on the drink I felt immediately refreshed and relaxed. Afterwards, I opened my book and started reading it for my fifth time. Unknowingly, the time passed by quick and I had to head back outside. This time I was feeling more energized and was able to eventually find my way to my final destination.

Aloha Coffee is located inside Daean-dong near Seoga and Cook and further down from Uniqlo. It was located on the off-side from the actual bustling downtown with all the shops and franchised cafes. If I was not lost I would not have been able to discover this cafe; therefore, for once I am grateful for the extreme heat and my inefficient Google Maps! Time to find more streets to get lost in!


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