Bbang Bbang For Panne

This past weekend I took a short weekend trip down to Seoul. My main objective for this trip was to visit the Seoul Art Center Hangaram Art Museum for a special Anthony Browne exhibition, which I will write about in another post this week.

The weekend was also a chance for me to catch up with the friends I made from Europe. Therefore, I was excited to hear that my friend, Minah, was free on Sunday to show me around Seoul and attend the exhibit with me!

We started our morning together at 11AM. Originally our plan was to eat lunch in Salmone Kitchen, a restaurant featured in Tasty Road but it was closed on Sunday’s. We changed our lunch destination and my friend recommended that we eat cream pasta since I have never tried that dish before. At first, I was nervous because I am not a huge fan of Italian food but she kept insisting that it would be delicious so I conformed and followed her orders.

Enter Primo Bacio Baci (프리모 바치오바치) an Italian restaurant right near the Gangnam Station.

Instead of looking at the menu my friend ordered two dishes claiming that they would both be delicious. She ordered Panne (빠네) and Spaghetti aglio e olio (알리오올리오 파스타) along with a free dish of salad with her coupon. We also ordered grapefruit ade to refresh ourselves from the heat.

Before our dishes came out the restaurant brought out a plate of two garlic breads. Since they were small I asked my friend if we could order more but she said it would be best not to, which I did not understand why until our dish came out.


Panne (빠네): When I saw the dish I realized why my friend stopped me from ordering more slices of bread. Panne is a famous dish in Korea and it is the equivalent to bread bowl soup in America. Before trying this dish my friend warned me that it would be a taste that I will never forget and that once I eat this I will continuously want to order this in every Italian restaurant I go to. She was correct. Although the milk sauce was milky and creamy it did not feel heavy. The soup reminded me of clam chowder soup back at home. Before trying the noodles, I was told that I should dip the bread in the soup and eat that first. The bread on the side was so soft and fluffy that with the sauce it melted inside my mouth. Afterwards, I tried the noodle and occasionally would scrape the bread from the inside. The point of this restaurant is that soup is free refill; therefore, if you are running low on soup you can ask for more soup. After we finished our noodles we wanted more soup to eat with our remaining bread. It took a while to get our soup refill but during that time we ate our next dish.


Spaghetti aglio e olio (알리오올리오 파스타): Out of all the Olive Oil Pasta’s I have tried back in America, this was the best. The actual slices of garlic was a great addition because it allowed for the actual garlic taste to be present, which helped subside the oil. Although, this dish is made of oil it felt light making it a reasonable dish to be consumed with the cream pasta. Since we were going to walk around a lot today we ate all the garlic to give us strength and energy. I recommend dipping the remaining bread in this sauce as well because then it will give the faint taste of garlic bread.

When we completed eating everything, they took away our plates and served us free sorbet ice cream. There are two flavors, mango and strawberry, and you get to choose the flavor you want. The sorbet was refreshing and there were ice particles, which helped cool us down before leaving the restaurant to embrace the scorching heat wave.

Overall, I know in Korea you should eat Korean food but I definitely recommend this restaurant because Korean’s eat Italian food differently and it has a more lighter feeling! Definitely try the Panne because as my friend said it is a taste you will never forget.

Address: Yeoksam-dong 816-3. Walk straight out from the Gangnam Station Exit 11 and it should be across from the Kakao Friends Shop.

Coupon Page:

* Bbang – directly translates to bread in Korean; however, I used it as a double entendre since bbang would mean bread and beep.

  • First meaning – Since Gangnam is too crowded it is hard to walk on the streets. The title is basically implying Beep Beep for Panne because I want to quickly go eat Panne
  • Second meaning – Bbang means bread and Panne uses bread as their main ingredient.

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