The Wonderful World Of Ddeokbokki

What is ddeokbokki?

It is Korea’s famous dish that consists of spicy rice cakes, fishcakes, hard boiled egg, and ramen noodles! It is eaten as an afternoon snack or can also be a meal for lunch/dinner. Originally it was known as school food, a snack to eat after school ended in the streets; however, it soon expanded and now there are restaurants that specialize in ddeokbokki.

As a fan of food I spent endless hours watching Tasty Road before my Korea trip. Tasty Road is a television program in Korea that has two famous host celebrities along with a special guest celebrity (sometimes) embark on food adventures visiting various restaurants. As they visit those restaurants they determine whether it is a 맛집 (a delicious house – a yummy restaurant) or not.

As a lover of deokkbokki I longed to visit 두끼떡볶이, which was marked as a 맛집 (a yummy restaurant) not only in Tasty Road but also through the drama, Entertainer (딴따라).

This restaurant is styled as a buffet as they have a table in the front with all types of rice cakes, fish cakes, noodles, vegetable, meat, and seafood to add in your ddeokkbokki. They also have a fishcake section where you can get fishcake in a stick along with fishcake soup. Another table is the tempura and fried table where you can pick up fried seaweed roll, friend dumpling, and fried potato. My favorite table was the collection of ramen noodle packs. They offered shin ramen, neoguri ramen, curry ramen, buldak bokkeumyun, jjampong ramen, chapagetti, etc. Lastly, they have a rice station where you can make your own mixed rice to add into your ddeokkbokki at the end of your meal — that is if you can still handle extra food.

How it works:

  1. Make your sauce. There is a sauce table and you can make all sorts of sauce.
  2. Then add the sauce into the boiling water.
  3. Start adding in the food you collected into the boiling pan.
  4. Keep adding food.
  5. Mix the food.
  6. Start eating!
  7. If you’re hungry make yourself ramen and/or fried rice! The amount of food you eat is endless here, just be sure not to leave leftovers!


Our wonderful creation, up close! We added all sorts of rice cakes, sausages, vegetables, and fish cakes! We made our sauce spicy, which is why the color is red! However, you can adjust the spiciness or even opt out of spicy and make curry or other sorts of sauce. Be creative!

I REALLY liked this restaurant; therefore, I would give it an infinity number of stars! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who are students and always looking for food at a great price! The main point to this restaurant is unleashing your creativity. When you go to a regular restaurant and order ddeokkbokki, you are given a dish that is made already. There are times when I love the ddeokkbokki or times when I feel the sauce is not right. However, here you can make ddeokkbokki the way YOU want.

Tip: Since this is a franchise, there are a few around Seoul! I went to the one in Ewha University, which was convenient because after munching on yummy food I was able to walk around and digest everything I had consumed before heading back home to sleep! Ewha University is a lively campus with tons of stores and cafes! I recommend visiting this one. The restaurant is small so it could be crowded and filled during lunch and dinner hours but the food will continuously be restocked!

* If you have a Korean student ID you can get a discount! * Sadly, my American student ID failed to work!


  • Adult: 7,900 won
  • Student: 6,900 won
  • Beer: 1,500 won
  • Leftover food: 1,000 won extra charge

Address: 서울 특별시 서대문구 이화여대길 89 2총 (대현동)



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