Green Tea Fanatics Unite

Are you a fan of green tea related desserts and drinks?

Then hop on a plane to Korea and visit O’Sulloc Tea House, which is a themed cafe that specializes in Korean traditional tea (specifically green tea). Since this is a fairly new franchise cafe there are some places in Korea (i.e. Jinju) that do not house this. Therefore, I had to wait until my trip to Busan to finally try the green tea roll cake and green tea ice cream.

O’Sulloc tea comes from Jeju Island; therefore, if you go to Jeju Island you can visit their Teahouse Museum. In Busan, I went to the one inside Shinsegae Department Store. It was small and offered limited seating but since it is inside a mall there were not many people. In fact, I was able to grab a seat immediately after I ordered. They offered a collection of teas that you can purchase to make at home.


The menu offers drinks, cakes, and ice cream. As you can tell their menu is strictly related to green tea. However, occasionally they have a few special drinks that do not relate to green tea but have correlation to Jeju Island.


What did I order?

  • Hallabong Latte: Hallabong is a type of mandarin and named after the Hallasan mountain in Jeju, which is where the fruit is typically grown. The drink was refreshing and citrusy.
  • Green Tea Roll Cake: I am a huge fan of roll cake and green tea; therefore, those two mixed together made me super happy! The roll cake was soft and the cream inside tasted strongly of green tea. The bread had hints of green tea, as well. If you are not a huge fan of green tea I suggest you try their other roll cakes. They have one with green tea bread but white filling, black sesame roll cake, and caramel roll cake.
  • Green Tea Ice Cream: This was the highlight of the visit. Of all the green tea ice cream I have tasted in the past, O’Sulloc comes out to be the winner of the best of the best green tea ice cream. The ice cream tasted solely of green tea with no scent and trace of milk making this a non-heavy and filling ice cream. Most ice cream is heavily made with cream and milk that it feels heavy but this one felt light and airy almost like a sorbet. After completing the ice cream I was tempted to buy another one.

Although, I am not a huge fan of franchise cafe, I am an extreme lover of green tea; therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this cafe to everyone in Korea. Sadly, this time I will be unable to visit Jeju Island; however, if you have time stop by O’Sulloc Teahouse Museum and stop by the cafe there as I heard the menu is much more extensive than elsewhere.

Fun fact: Busan was the first location where O’Sulloc opened so even though I am unable to visit Jeju’s Teahouse Museum I am grateful that I was able to visit this cafe in the location it first started from!



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