Slurp Slurp. Refresh Yourself.

The leaves are falling and the nights are chilly — September has arrived! Although, it is September during the daytime the weather feels as if it is still the peak of August. Summer has failed to let us go. The breakup was not mutual.

After coming back to America I thought I would be surrounded by wind, rain, and Autumn but I was wrong. The weather is humid and the temperature is slowly incrementing up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. These days all I can think about are shorts, air conditioner, and lastly, the refreshing Buckwheat Noodles (메밀소바/ Memil Soba – direct translation).

After coming home I failed to post consecutively like I had promised back in the first post. However, I plan to go back to my normal schedule now that I have overcome jet lag. Booyah, Sarah – 1  Jet lag – 0.

This week as I went through my pictures wondering what to post the first thing that came to mind was Buckwheat Noodles because of the heatwave here. However, I specifically thought of the Buckwheat Noodles from Jinju. There were two that I ate one was Japanese style and one was Korean style. Both were super delicious; however, today I’ll be posting on the Korean style. This restaurant is called Uiryeong Soba (의령소바). After researching why it was called Uiryeong, which is a county in South Korea, I found out that Uiryeong is famous in the summer for their soba noodles.

The menu is very extensive:

  • Memil Neng Soba (Buckwheat Noodle in Water)
  • Memil Bibim Soba (Buckwheat Noodle mixed in Spicy Sauce)
  • Memil Don Katsu
  • Flank Steak Soup (Soup with Rice)
  • Dumplings (Variety)
  • Kalbi Jjim
  • Jokbal (Pig’s Trotter/Leg)

Since I am a fan of spicy food I ate the Memil Bibim Soba and my aunt ate the Memil Neng Soba.

The Memil Bibim Soba came with a soup on the side, which is the same for Bibim Naengmyeon. It was filled with slices of cucumber, pork, pear, sesame seeds, half an egg, and spicy sauce (gochujang). The soup was cold with chunks of ice; therefore, it balanced out the spiciness. Along with the noodles we ordered dumplings, which was warm and soft. The inside was filled with pork, which made me happy. Some dumplings only fill the inside halfway making the dough to filling ratio not proportional. Aside from all that, the main highlight of this restaurant was the free appetizer – tangsuyuk (crispy pork in sweet and sour sauce). Tangsuyuk was next to the Kimchi and one can keep refilling their plate, just as long as they made sure to finish all the tangsuyuk they took.

Overall, I was very refreshed and satisfied with the meal here. The atmosphere of the restaurant was of a cafeteria style. You go up to get your own appetizers/side dish. However, there are waiters to serve you, as well. I give this place a 5 out of 5 noodles. The food did not leave me feeling sick or overly full. In fact, the food felt healthy and not greasy or fried. Even the tangsuyuk did not feel overly fried, which is always good to see! Do check out this place in the summer when you’re feeling down and under from the heatwave!

Address: 진주시 남강로 309번길10-20 (평거동)

Website: 맛의 즐거움에 빠지다! 원조의령소바


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