What Is Her Name?


Her name is Han.

Han offers a pleasant dining experience to all people interested and curious with trying Korean food. It engages the customers by modernizing the popular cuisines into a luxurious dining experience.

When entering the dim-lighted restaurant, one can feel taken aback by the overall setting of the restaurant due to the illusory of cramped space. However, once seated that feeling is passed away as there are gaps between tables.

The table setting is done in a minimalistic manner. The paper is not bright nor does it have any advertisements. In fact, the restaurant name and the date are the only two words offered on the paper.

Interestingly, the side dishes (banchan) are small compared to other Korean restaurants; however, once the main dish comes out the banchan becomes sidelined. As they set down the banchan on your table, they explain what each one is, which is helpful for those unfamiliar with them (especially foreigners).

The menu was well-made since it provided pictures and descriptions in english would is a huge plus for those who are not familiar with Korean food. The menu was creatively made and was fun to read through. It took me more than ten minutes to choose a dish because all the pictures were enticing and it became hard to choose one single dish. If I come back, it will most likely be because of the pictures on the menu.


Lastly, the final creation and the most important part of this trip — the food. I chose the Spicy Rice Cake Hot Pot (Ddeukbokki Jeongol). Inside the hot pot were: rice cake, fish cake, noodles, beef, jalapeno, sausages, assorted seafood, and assorted vegetables in a spicy fish broth. Out of all the spicy rice cakes I have had in the past the one served here was the sweetest. It was a unique taste but it was not a bad taste; in fact, I kept reaching for the soup with my spoon rather than the ingredients. The spiciness was not tasted as much because of the sweet flavor and since it was more broth style the spicy sauce felt watered down. If I were to get this dish again I would ask for rice on the side because the broth itself is good enough to mix with rice. The only complaint I would have with this dish is they do not provide enough rice cakes. Although, there are many other ingredients featured in this dish since it is spicy rice cake I expect there to be an abundant amount of rice cakes.

I recommend this restaurant for those interested in trying Korean food. They have an extensive amount of Hot Pot, which is easily shareable with a group of friends but they also have a good selection of Meat dishes. I learned from Yelp that a lot of people eat their Korean pancakes, hot pot, and meat dishes. Since I’ve tried a hot pot next time I’ll check out their appetizers and meat dishes! I especially love bossam (pork wrap); therefore, I’ll be eating that along with kalguksu! If you’re ever in the mood in trying Korean food, check out this trendy restaurant because it fuses tradition and modern to make a delicious dish satisfying to those of all ages.

Address: 17 E 31st Street New York, NY 10016

Website: Click Me


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