A Tourist Heaven


Magnolia Bakery in Upper West Side

Growing up whenever I heard people speak of New York, tv shows, such as Gossip Girl and Sex And The City, would come to mind. The idea of shopping in fifth avenue after brunch in Central Park sounded pleasantly delightful; however, what I desired to try the most was Magnolia’s famous red velvet cupcake and banana pudding.

Luckily, working in the city now allowed me to be in the center of food haven. Visiting Magnolia’s Bakery was no difficult feat. To walk was less than 20 minutes, which gave me no excuse to not visit the delightful store of treats!


Creamy Rich Banana Pudding

Magnolia Bakery came into tourist’s radar because of their appearance on Sex And The City, Although, cupcakes are the main point for their franchise, the banana pudding is slowly becoming a hit! Magnolia Bakery stands out from other cupcake stores because of their popular banana pudding. Magnolia’s manages to keep people interested by offering two smash hits — red velvet cupcake and banana pudding.

The pudding is nothing similar to the one your mom would pack you for lunch back in elementary school. Instead it is fluffy and airy with a smooth and decadent vanilla and banana taste. The vanilla taste is emphasized much more with the additions of nilla wafers. This is recommended for all who misses those lunchtime puddings but more upgraded and delicious!


Famous Red Velvet Cupcake

The red velvet cupcake stands for itself as it comes out as the victor amidst all other cupcake stores. I am not a cupcake aficionado; therefore, I have to try other red velvet cupcakes to fully decide what is the best. However, I did enjoy Magnolia’s cupcake and the frosting was creamy with a soft texture!

Since Magnolia’s is famous, be wary of the lines and the cramped space inside the small store. Tourists will be lingering around trying to decide what they want while the worker’s are trying to sort out who ordered what. To top it off, going at night can be a problem because of possible low inventory. Go only if you have time during the lunch hours. If not, go right as it opens because tourists will probably be sleeping in from their late night out.

If you really hate the wait …

Magnolia’s has a cookbook and if you enjoy baking. Pick up the book and bake the cupcake and recreate the pudding yourself –> link

Tip: I’ve been to the Magnolia’s in Grand Central Terminal, Soho, and Rockefeller. Although the one in Rockefeller can get cramped, the workers move quick. It is possible to be in and out of there within 15 minutes!

Address: Rockefeller Center, 1240 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020


Sex And The City Approved


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