My First Brunch

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

You wake up on Sunday morning at an odd hour not knowing whether to eat breakfast or lunch and then you remember weekends offer brunch. Why have both breakfast and lunch when you can sleep in and indulge in brunch. The one meal that comes only twice a week that allows you to eat yummy cream filled french toast and poached eggs with english muffin.

Let’s step inside to Hell’s Kitchen 44 1/2 a “sister” restaurant of 44 & X.

44 1/2 is a small but charming restaurant housed in pink interior and exterior with servers (even male) wearing pink shirts that referenced words such as, “sugar, whipped, cream, latte,” all descriptions to our favorite brunch items. At the back of the restaurant it housed a Japanese Bamboo Garden, which would be an ideal spot to sit in during the spring and summer weather.

The brunch menu was straightforward as seen above. Thankfully it did not elongate to two or three pages; therefore, choosing a dish was as easy as a first grader choosing a candy.


Entree: Deep Dish French Toast. This dish was comprised on brioche bread with pecans sprinkled on top along with maple syrup. Also, offered with the dish were fruits and applewood smoked bacon. The french toast almost felt like a piece of cake as it was layered and the bread was thick. Although, the french toast tasted interesting, it was not my style. I enjoy my french toast fluffy and light. In fact, Sarabeth’s still holds the key to my heart for their french toast and egg benedict.

Separate side dish: Scrambled Egg. Weekends are my days to indulge in a full breakfast. During the weekday I’m running out the door with a banana and breakfast smoothie in hand; therefore, eating an egg is a luxury for me on the weekends. Although, the french toast was filling on its own I had to have scrambled egg, as well. Along with the egg they offered english muffin as a complimentary side to the already side dish.

Although 44 1/2 is designed nicely the space is too tight and too dark. The only satisfying factor for this place was the limited to none wait time. I was able to go in, get seated, order, and eat. However, the food and space left me wanting more and I was not as satisfied as I expected to be. If you are willing to wait and prefer a comfortable atmosphere to talk and eat with your friends over a glass of mimosa and egg benedicts I suggest visiting Sarabeth’s, which I will post more about next!

Address: 626 10th Avenue New York, NY 10036




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