The Gossip Girl Experience

“Breakfast is brunch, and it comes with champagne, a dress code and a hundred of our closest friends… and enemies.” Gossip Girl

Thankfully, living in a small suburban town an hour away from the city allowed me to avoid the catfight that Blair and Serena had to go through for six seasons. However, that also did not hinder my chances of eating brunch with some of my closest friends, except in a smaller-scale setting.

Watching Serena and Blair spend their weekends sipping champagne and chatting away in Sarabeth’s always had me longing to visit the place. However, with a student budget and a lazy personality during college I never had the chance to visit this place. It was not until Gossip Girl ended and I rewatched the whole series that my anxious interest in Sarabeth’s sparked again.

This past summer, I had the chance to visit the famous Sarabeth’s located in Central Park South. I read online and heard from people that the wait time could be incredibly long and possibly take up to an hour or more during peak time. Thankfully, my friend missed her original bus time because she overslept. Therefore, we all met up at Sarabeth’s around two, after the prime time rush hour for breakfast and lunch. Once we walked in we were seated immediately into the comfortable white cushion.

The interior was simplistic and white, which, made it comfortable to eat and talk in with friends without also having to scream on top of one another. There were ample spaces among the tables and the light was not played around with. Some restaurants make the lights too dark — making it hard to see the person you talk to.

Once again, the brunch menu was concise and since we were all starving we chose three different plates to share with one another.


As we were talking a waiter suddenly appeared with our food — the best part was it has not even been fifteen minutes. We were amazed at how quick the service was in Sarabeth’s. My friend was a bit wary thinking the food might be cold. We quickly took our photos, which, took longer than the time we spent waiting for our meal.  We all took one bite of our respective plates and stared up at one another in awe.


Plate #1: Classic Eggs Benedict.

The go-to American classic and also a local/tourist favorite in Sarabeth’s. This dish chosen by my friend consisted of Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce, peppers, and chives. The best part was the puddle of yolk that would explode when the fork entered the center of the egg. Having the salad on the side was clever as I put the salad on top of the egg creating a mini sandwich for myself. A fun alternative to eat healthy! It was my first eggs benedict in the city and certainly not my last.


Plate #2: Spinach & Goat Cheese Omelette featuring scone and preserves on the side.

This was an interesting plate. I love eggs; therefore, scrambled egg, poached eggs, fried eggs, omelettes all have me excited! However, I am not a fan of cheese but since my friend ordered this dish I decided to give it a go. It was not an ordinary flat omelette, instead it was shaped similar to a mountain of a flat egg with spinach and goat cheese scrambled inside. Thankfully, the goat cheese did not taste horrible in fact it tasted as if was a tangier version of cream cheese and mixed with spinach the dish was new and refreshing. The omelette did not feel greasy and battered all over with oil. I guess I am a goat cheese fan now! Another great part of this dish was the scone provided with the jam and butter. The scone was not buttery and salty but in fact it reminded me a bit of London — the scones I would eat in the morning at Cafe Nero to start my day.


Plate #3: Fat & Fluffy French Toast with strawberries. 

The highlight of the meal! The sweet dish I chose for my sweet tooth! Out of all the french toast I had in my life, Sarabeth’s has answered my prayers. This was the BEST french toast EVER. After researching, I learned that Sarabeth uses challah bread, which allows for the fat and fluffy texture. The texture was airy and light even with the thickness of the cut. The inside of the bread offered the taste of the egg, which is lacking in so many other restaurant’s french toast nowadays. After all, the original french toast was toast combined with egg. The strawberries were not frozen but instead they were ripe and a perfect accompaniment with the syrup and bread. A great dish to share with friends! Although, I love french toast it does become too heavy if you try to eat it all yourself. After all, share the happiness with everyone in your party! If you go to Sarabeth’s this is the dish you MUST try. A trip to Sarabeth’s without eating the french toast is a waste of time and money.

If I could rate a brunch place I would give Sarabeth’s 5/5 hearts as I had a pleasant experience with attentive and rapid service along with great food. The convenient part for all tourist is that they can also stroll around Central Park, checking off two items on their must-see NYC list! If my pictures have not yet convinced you to visit, search up more pictures on google and I guarantee you will become enticed in no time.

Lastly, bon appetit!

Address: 40 Central Park S, New York, NY 10021

*They have multiple but I went to the one in Central Park South.*



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