Reasons Why You Should Go To Paris … Alone


Paris may be the land for the romantics. The ideal honeymoon spot for all married couples. However, before you start planning a trip to Paris with the love of your life, consider visiting Paris alone first.

Before I get sentimental, it is easy to enjoy Paris alone – not only do you discover yourself but you can also find love. Don’t worry you won’t be cheating on your partner, as the type of love you find in Paris is love for the culture not a person … sound interesting, yet?
Hopefully the list below can convince you enough to sneak a quick trip to Paris before you plan one in the future with a partner! Start booking your flights now fellow travelers and stock up on some notebooks –trust me, you’ll want them as you travel.



Paris is known for Shakespeare & Co. After all, this was the hot spot, during the 20’s where everyone who’s known in the literature world hung out. This is a small bookstore with two floors. Downstairs there are collections of books from all genre – you’ll find classics such as “The Great Gatsby” but you can also find relevantly new books such as “Me Before You.” The reason why you should visit this place alone is because you’ll be able to spend hours upstairs in the quiet just reading. After all, do you really want to spend hours reading when you have someone next to you? That is, unless, they are a die-hard book lover as you are. Please no PDA though.


First, it’s crowded, you will not feel comfortable spending hours inside a café sharing stories and feeding each other pieces of macarons while you’re squished between two tables. In fact, it’s a perfect place to go alone and people watch while jotting down your experiences and feelings in a notebook. It’s a great place to relax in between busy sight-seeing. My favorite sit-down spot is Café de Flore. Order some chocolate croissant and hot chocolate while staring out into the streets.



The endless trail of museums in Europe; however, Paris is the worst. Not visiting a museum, especially the Louvre, in Paris is almost like committing a crime. With museums offered in almost every district within Paris – it is unavoidable. Museums in Paris are worth visiting alone because it is crowded, tons of foreigners and tour groups happening every single day, and you’ll want to take in the magnificent artwork by yourself, as you wonder why it was even created. My favorite spot is Musee D’ Orsay as it was a rail road before it was architecturally rebuilt into a museum. It is easy to get lost physically and mentally. Each time I go I find a new hidden meaning inside the painting I failed to fully notice the previous time. For instance I recently noticed in the artwork “Luncheon On The Grass” by Claude Monet, why are the couple in the back fighting? My tip, stare at the photos and make your own story; therefore, to reiterate go alone!


Have some “me time” by indulging in the lavish shopping experience. Pick up an aromatic Jo Malone perfume and spritz yourself as you walk along the hidden paths of Le Marais. Get lost among the endless independent boutiques that offer prices for all ranges. If you want a more luxurious experience, step inside Galeries Lafayette and immerse yourself in the rich class with the designer names present in your left and right. Paris offers a shopping experience that is not possible anywhere else. The best part is you can shop outdoors or indoors. When you shop outdoors you get to stare at the wondrous sights. Going alone allows you to try on clothes and shoes, stare at handbags, test out makeup and perfume for however long as you want – without having to listen to your partner complain about time. From my personal experience, I spent a whole day dedicated to shopping and it still did not feel like enough.

Are you convinced now to go alone. The best of all is being able to walk and walk and walk at your own pace. If you’re a walker feel free to walk around Paris without riding the metro. After all, the metro smells like a gas station’s public bathroom back in the states. Every street in Paris offers a culture of its own. Fall in love with the locals munching on their baguette sandwich, the language you hear from the inside of the stores, the interior of the building modern and ancient. As you walk alone you will face unknown territory that makes you stop and ponder – times like those are best when alone, after all, with someone you’ll be busy talking that you miss unique moments and encounters from locals or other tourists.


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