Lunch Survival

Wake up. Eat breakfast and open your emails. Tick Tock, wait for 12PM to hit and you go to your company’s cafeteria — only to be left disappointed with the options available.

How many more days will I have to eat a salad that does not even leave me fully satisfied?

Working in Midtown can be positive and negative. Being a part of Times Square makes it difficult to go outside and navigate my way around to find reasonably priced lunch. The restaurants in close proximity from my buildings would be fast-food chain restaurants — nothing tempting to put me through the struggle of tackling the crowded tourists. The positive factor is bragging rights to all those people who long to work in Times Square.


Dig Inn

Why don’t you dig in at Dig Inn? This small cafe shop offers Chipotle-styled much healthier salad and/or rice bowls options. Since I’m a huge salmon fan I made my protein salmon. I then proceeded to add in brown rice, roasted sweet potato, and cauliflower. I also asked for the avocado on the side. Originally, I expected a tiny piece but instead they gave me a half of a whole avocado. I was already impressed before I even took my first bite. After I took that bite I was in cloud nine. The food is healthy but it is also tasty, which is rare. Being that it is made on the spot the ingredients are not warm but that was fine since salad is not supposed to be eaten warm anyways. Being Asian I’m spoiled with having warm rice every single night anyways. They gave a good amount of salmon which was impressive. Although, they do not deliver, I would be willing to make another trip there since it’s not a restaurant next to those creepy costume Superman people anyways.

Address: 40 W 55th Street


Glaze Teriyaki

This dish was inspired by The Infatuation site! After my coworker introduced me to the wondrous food lovers site for all foodies we started to scroll through pages looking for our possible contender for lunch. We came across this restaurant and noticed that not only is it located in Midtown but it also delivers to our work. We knew right then that we had to order from there. Once again, being a huge salmon fan I ordered the salmon teriyaki. The point of this restaurant is to keep it slightly healthy by offering brown rice and salad on the side. The teriyaki sauce was rich and tasty. Thankfully, some sauces, especially Asian sauces, can be too salty and it leads me to endless drinking of water for the next few hours; however, this dish was magic. I would definitely recommend this place for those who love teriyaki and Asian food but also want to stay healthy! I know most Asian places fry their food too much that everything is swimming in a pool of oil but not this place! Plus they only offer teriyaki since that is what they are presumably best at and I now know why!

Address: 638 Lexington Avenue


@Nine NYC

The beauty of Seamless is being able to order anything for lunch. When I crave Thai food all I can think about is Pad Thai. Since the city is vast and filled with food finding a Thai restaurant was as simple as ordering coffee in Starbucks. At Nine Thai was the first option that appeared and since I was hungry I went along with that choice! I was impressed by their lunch deal as they offer a appetizer, drink, and a main dish. Luckily, they cater to those who are weak when it comes to spicy food since you can indicate and adjust the level of spiciness for your dish. My Pad Thai consisted of a good amount chicken, which was soft. Whenever a meat is soft then I’m impressed. I hate dry meat as much as I hate eating crunchy raw carrots. The dish was also filling and held me over until the end of the work day. After ordering the Pad Thai, I ordered again from here but the second time around I ordered the Pad Kee Mao. My coworker is a huge Pad Kee Mao fan since she loves basil. I decided to try it as well and fell in love! My addiction with Pad Thai was slowly being overturned by Pad Kee Mao. The noodles are larger but still the same texture as the one used in Pad Thai. However, the best part of the Pad Kee Mao is the basil aroma. Try the Pad Kee Mao, also known as drunken noodles. Trust me, don’t be a Pad Kee Mao virgin because you’ll be missing out on the wonders of life!

Address: 592 9th Ave


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