The Girl’s Brunch Guide List For The Big Apple

East Coast girl’s bored on the weekends? Longing for some adventure? Hit up the big apple during the weekend brunch time! Not only will you experience food coma but you can put aside your mundane life and become adventurous for one day! Although, brunch supposedly originated in England, America made it popular and brought it to life with unique dishes! Whip out your phones and get ready to Instagram it up!


Serendipity: Flashback ( #TBT) to 2001 when John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale stared in the romantic comedy that made us all swoon during the holidays. Well, the holidays have arrived once again; however, in the year of 2016. Who ever said brunch had to be solely about omelette and pancakes. Forgo the norm dishes and indulge in the frozen hot chocolate and forbidden broadway sundae with your special John Cusack. If you’re rich and loaded then go for the golden opulence. If you’re single, maybe you’ll find your serendipitous encounter there! TIP: Each person has to eat $18.00 worth of food, opt for their sweet dessert here rather than savory dishes.

Address: 225 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022


Sarabeth’s: Ever wanted to live the upper east side life presented in #GossipGirl? Grab your BFF and take a trip down to Central Park South for an indulging experience of mimosas and egg benedict. Channel your inner Blair and Serena and start chatting up on the scandalous news featured in each other’s life. Thankfully, each table has distance from each other; therefore, all your secrets will be within the boundary of you and your friend, only. TIP: Definitely must eat their French toast. If you really care about carbs, walk around Central Park afterwards.

Address: 40 Central Park S, New York, NY 10021


Sugar and Plumm: Did you grow up playing Candyland? Did you ever want to realistically visit Candyland? If you answered ‘yes’ to both those questions then Sugar and Plumm is the place for you. A brunch café/candy shop that enlightens and brings out your inner child-self. Feel free to become 5 years old again, no one is judging. TIP: Go for the messy yet savory pulled pork and waffle dish. Wear your napkin as a bib and role-play a young child. Don’t forget to snap a pic of #candyland

Address: 377 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024


44 ½: “It’s raining men, Hallelujah it’s raining men!” The Weather Girls were accurate after all. Want to stare at gorgeous men wearing pink shirts then this is the place for you. What more can a girl ask for? After all, you get scrumptious brunch food and eye candy. Avoid coming with your boyfriend, he may get jealous by your #secretaffair. TIP: When in doubt, always choose French toast. The deep dish French toast is interesting and different. Just do it.

Address: 626 10th Ave New York, NY 10036


The Egg Shop: Love eggs so much that you can never become a vegan like Bill Clinton. Well, check out this hot spot disconnected from the posh brunch places within Soho. With minimalism becoming the new trend, this is the place for those friends who take ages in deciding what they want to eat. Since the menu choices are simple and short, they’ll be able to choose in time – allowing you to eat #asap, unless the wait line is long…TIP: Are you a New Yorker? Then you should be aware of the avocado toast phase everyone is going through. Well pick up the Avo & Egg dish and #avocadotoast on Instagram, making people jealous that they couldn’t discover this place before you.

Address: 151 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012


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