Craving America

Happy Holiday’s!

It’s the time of the year where loved ones gather together to eat and chat all week long. Being away from home during the cold winter season is hard and can be lonely. Thankfully, during the time I studied abroad in Berlin there were no holidays. However, I did long for my family and friends as time continued to pass. During the six months I was away from home and in Europe alone I wished for America.

Studying in a new country is fun at first. Trying new foods and drinks and exploring the streets without any care in the world. However, after a while you begin to miss the syrup drizzled pancake runs you used to do with your college friends late at night.

Pancake being an American favorite it was hard finding a place in Berlin but lo and behold it was possible!


I introduce you to a rare gem called Nalu Diner in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

This place is for those who miss America and all that America offers — FREE tap water and coffee refills. “Free” is not common in Berlin. In fact, tap water fails to exist in some places and instead you’re forced to pay for a water bottle. Perhaps, that is why people drink beer since beer is the same price as water!


As soon as I drizzled my whole plate with syrup it felt like home. The pancakes tasted exactly like the ones in Ihop that I would get during National Pancake Day. The hash browns and the scrambled egg reminded me of those breakfast platters from McDonalds! The scrambled egg was a bit dry for my taste; however, the hash brown made up for it as it was the perfect balance between crunch and moist. I just wished it had a bit of garlic meshed into it to give it the Dunkin Donuts feel.

Not only does it offer American food and FREE water but the place was plastered with posters of American music, movies, and states. Once you step inside this restaurant all you can think about is America. To top it off, “nalu” means “surf” in Hawaiian. If you’re from the West Coast, you’ll fall in love with this place.

Lastly, this restaurant takes credit card — even American Visa card and that is a dream come true for all Americans considering most (98.99999%) of the restaurants in Berlin do not take card and only accept cash.

Do not fear as the workers here all speak in English! Lay back and relax and enjoy a breath of America in Berlin!



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10AM – 9PM

Tuesday: Closed

Last but not least ……..



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