Cheers To 2017

The bells are ringing and the wine glasses are clanking as we all say “au revoir” to the past and welcome in the future. 2016 has officially ended and for some it brought on luck whereas others just waited for the finish line. I did not have a terrible year but I did have a difficult year towards the end. The exhaustion that 2016 has brought upon us can finally be forgotten as we enter 2017 now. All that is left to think about is what we can do to improve our future — to make 2017 the year that 2016 failed to be for us all.

I start the new year with making resolutions and this year it is not about losing a certain amount of weight or eating less junk food. Instead it is about benefiting myself in a positive way. I have decided to enjoy life by putting myself and my interests first. Out of the few goals I have set for myself the one that I hope to accomplish for the next 363 days of the year is to blog consistently.

Therefore, my first post for 2017 is the Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar! I chose this bar because it was the first bar in the city I visited during happy hour in my first month of work.


The main point of this restaurant is to lay back and enjoy the night with wine and a hint of chocolate. To enjoy this experience sit outside as the night turns dark the candles on the table brighten up the mood of the conversation.

Before you choose the entree and appetizer they offer bread and nuts on the side to accompany your drink.


The display of the food is always important but the taste is crucial to a restaurant’s fame. In Ayza the selection of dishes are impressive but instead of looking at the entree the appetizers are the way to go, especially when sharing with friends.

The dishes from top to bottom: White Truffle Pizza and Roasted French Brie Crouton.

The White Truffle Pizza is made of garlic cream sauce, bresaola and white truffle oil. Pizza brings back memories of high school as I used to order in from Domino’s after school with my friends while pretending to work on homework when in actuality we would talk about crushes and clothes. After eating too much pizza in high school I went through a phase where I could no longer look at pizza. The smell and grease on top of the cheese began to gross me out. However, the pizza in Ayza was delightful! It was light in consumption and easy to eat as there were no oil spilling out towards me. I am not a fan of tomato sauce, as well; therefore, the crushed tomatoes were a better alternative than having tomato sauce spread onto the bread.

The Roasted French Brie Crouton is made of organic honey, rye bread, cracked black pepper and walnuts. My favorite part of this dish was the honey spread on top of the brie cheese and the addition of walnuts. The bread was soft but the walnut added the extra crunch making it a fun dish to consume.

Before coming here I researched the two top dishes and the ones we chose were the most coveted on Yelp. I agree wholeheartedly with the reviews and if I were to come back I would choose them again.


To come to a chocolate and wine bar and not have chocolate is similar to committing a crime. The dessert options are extensive and most of them are chocolate-based. We chose the Warm Chocolate Molten Cake to warm up our soggy mood from a hard day at work. The cake was warm and filled with chocolate fudge and the cold vanilla ice cream with walnuts created the perfect hot-cold combination. Also, I always forget but the condensed milk is important to spread over the dessert dish before consumption. For this specific dish the condensed milk emphasizes the “molten” factor in the cake by blending well with the fudge.

What would a wine and chocolate bar be without a chocolate sample to end the fantastic meal as you pay? We were offered two chocolates with a hint of chili powder. A burning yet melting sensation in our mouth as we allowed the rest of the night to take us away before the start of another work day!

Although, I am happy to let go and move past 2016 I will certainly be revisiting Ayza in 2017!

Address: 11 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001


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