Warm Up Your Winter With Hot Pot

January is the beginning of the temperature drop in the East Coast. It has been a while since I have seen a White Christmas but once February comes the snow begins to make their way over to our driveways.

Hot chocolate is the best to drink while reading a book alone but when you have a family or friend gathering the most convenient dish to eat is hot pot!

Hot pot restaurants are locally everywhere but it is also easy to make at home if there are no restaurants nearby!

I was able to check out Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot with a friend to catch up on life over a warm yin-yang soup base!


We were given a paper to mark the toppings we wanted to add into our hot pot. After we finished choosing our additional items they soon brought over the soup and began to boil it for us. The soup is pre-filled with spices and herbs. The left of the picture is the hot soup base and the right is the mild soup base. I preferred the spicy soup base when I wanted soup alone but the mild soup base was perfect when eaten with meat. The yin-yang offered the perfect balance for my ingredients.


The best part of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is the bountiful choices they offer as add-ons for the soup. This was only part one of our many additions. They offer a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, and noodles! It is impossible to pick quickly because there are so many to choose from. For meat we chose the lamb and beef platter because we could not choose which meat to order. After our toppings slowly came we began to add them to our soup. We first added the noodles and seafoods since those take longer to cook. We then added our vegetables. I learned that meat was the last to put in and even then it was advised not to put all in because they cook really quickly. We put the meat in individually each time so our lamb and beef wouldn’t be over-cooked in the simmering hot pot.


Overall, I would go back here again. Next time, I’ll go during lunch time as they offer a lunch special of unlimited toppings all for $10.95. The food was great and the ingredients they served was fresh but more than anything I enjoyed making the hot pot by customizing it to my liking!

Address: Multiple locations. Find the one closest to you here.


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