One Dumpling, Two Dumpling, Give Me All

Who said dim sum was only for the weekend gatherings? Grab a friend or two and head down to Dim Sum Palace on a lunch break during the weekdays. Located in Hell’s Kitchen it is the perfect getaway spot from your office in the bustling Times Square for a serene tea and dumpling set.

The restaurant offers standard Chinese food but their specialty is dim sum. The dim sum is not pushed around in a cart but instead you look through the paper menu and check the dumplings you want served to your table. This method ensures freshness and warmth in the dumplings you order — especially since the ones pushed around in carts could have dumplings that were lingering around for more than an hour.


Not sure what to order? You’re not alone. Dim sum offers a variety of options making it hard to choose the BEST ones. However, the star dumpling in the dim sum world seems to be xiao long bao, also known as, soup dumplings. The hardest part is not pronouncing the actual name but eating the dumplings. Check out this quick video from Zagat: “The Best Way to Eat Soup Dumplings – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 6”

Not only is choosing dumplings complicated but eating them also is another challenging task. To prevent your mouth from the burning sensation eat them with caution and in slow bites.


The dim sum journey does not stop with only one platter of soup dumplings. In fact, you should keep ordering. Depending on how many people you come with the standard amount of dumpling plates should be around 4-6 for a two-person party.

The other dumpling platters are: Shrimp and Chives Dumplings, Seafood Peashoot Dumplings, and BBQ Pork Buns. It sounds healthy but that does not mean it taste bad. In fact, I was satisfied with the choices and would order them again. The BBQ Pork is always a great pick in any dim sum restaurant. The amount of meat offered in the BBQ was copious which is always better than feeling as if all that was eaten was just a bun.

Lastly, partner those dim sum platters with tea and relax as you allow yourself to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life for an hour.

Tempted? Go check it out but remember don’t be too hasty when trying the soup dumplings for your first time — you may end up burning your tongue.

Address: 334 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036



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