When In Rome

Eat a pizza … it’s that simple. After all, Elizabeth Gilbert went to Italy and found healing through food. The only way to enjoy Rome is to endlessly eat pizza, pasta, gelato, and tiramisu. Maintaining your figure in Italy does not exist. If you really care about your weight then walk around everywhere, which shouldn’t be too difficult. Today I’ll be reviewing a Pizzeria near the Piazza Navona that apparently serves “authentic” Roman pizza.

First off, I’m no food expert; therefore, I do not completely understand the difference between the various pizzas offered around the world. What I did notice was that the Roman pizza has an incredibly thin crust that resembles a cracker rather than a bread whereas NYC pizzas often times focuses on thick crusts that offer filling of some sort. The restaurant I went to for my first Roman pizza was Pizzeria Da Baffetto. 


Without knowing what to order I went for the “baffetto” pizza since it was named after their restaurant. The point of this pizza was the runny egg on the center of the pizza. The melting cheese and the flow of the yellow yolk made the pizza taste creamy. The pizza was not massively burdened by cheese and tomato sauce, which lessened the grease and oil consumed. The tomato sauce was thinly spread around the pizza allowing the other ingredients to have their spotlight, as well.

Being located in the heart of a tourist center, the inside of the restaurant was crowded during lunch time. It is possible for one to feel claustrophobic when entering since all the tables are squished together to optimize for as many customers as possible. While searching for the bathroom I found out that it was a two-level restaurant, which offered seating for larger parties upstairs.

Although, the food was delicious there was a downside to the restaurant. The service was not all smiles and laughter, in fact, it was terribly slow and frightful. The waiter was not happy with taking our order but that could be due to endless amount of reasons. Perhaps, he was not having a great day or he just could not understand English, as well. I would have been fine if it was only that but the worst part was when he forgot our order of salad. A tip to keep in mind is if you ordered a dish but it does not come within twenty minutes, check up on it. There is always a chance that an order did not completely go through.

The location of the restaurant is near Camp de Fiori and Piazza Navona making it a great dinner or a late-night hangout spot for yourself or with your family and/or friends!

Check it out, after all in Rome all pizza is going to be good pizza! You can’t go wrong with food in Italy!

Official Website: http://www.pizzeriabaffetto.it 

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio 114


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