Affordable Tea Time

Oh, London! Why must you be so expensive? All I want is tea and dessert that is within my student budget.

After all, the most important and essential meal in London is afternoon tea.

Where can I possibly go? Fortnum & Mason and The Ritz are too high-class for me budget-wise!

Have no fear, Leicester Square offers the perfect solution! Check out Muriel’s Kitchen for economical and comfortable afternoon tea! It has delicious desserts while also allowing you to casually converse with your friends and/or family!


Muriel’s Kitchen offers lunch and dinner; however, they started serving afternoon tea as well and it does not disappoint! They give unlimited refills on your drink; therefore, depending on whether you get tea or coffee, they will continuously fill up your cup until you leave your table. They offer a nice variety of tea time sides and although it is not a three-tiered stand the design of the plate is cute. The plate comes with a scone, a variety of sandwiches, a carrot cake, and a egg tart. My favorite was the salmon and cream cheese sandwich along with the carrot cake. The plate may small in comparison to the standard three-tiered stand but  could not even complete the whole plate as it was that filling. After all, carbs do fill you up quickly!

It was only 14 pounds when I went and compared to Fortnum & Mason’s 50 pound and up prices, I consider Muriel’s Kitchen a hidden gem for their unbelievable low tea time price. In London, experiencing afternoon tea is vital, but if the prices are scaring you away, check out Muriel’s Kitchen!

Available from 3PM-6PM only.

Official Website –

Address: 7-9 Leicester Square


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