Masters of Gelato: San Crispino

The famous gelato shop that appeared in Eat, Pray, Love! 

Hidden in the streets of complicated Rome be sure to keep your eyes wide open because it is easy to miss the shop.


The gelato prices here are more on the expensive side. The smallest cup with only ONE flavor is 2.50 euros but the taste makes up for it. Interestingly, this shop does not serve gelato on cones. The reason behind this is because they claim that cones can affect the taste due to the chemical agents that can potentially ruin the flavor of the gelato. Therefore, do not ask for cones since they will look at you weirdly. I suggest you sacrifice the cone and still visit the shop because the gelato is that good.

The gelato is also made from scratch and they refrain from using preservatives and focus solely on organic ingredients. Due to their cleanly nature they also do not put gelato on display. Instead it is closed and placed in a metallic jar with a metallic lid. The shop only shows the customer the flavors name.

I chose the honey flavored gelato since I never tried a honey flavored dessert before. The gelato was creamy and it tasted like a thick Chobani vanilla greek yogurt mixed with New Zealand honey. It was light and too little as I was craving more after I finished my cup.

The shop may have rose to fame because of the movie but the taste allows it to continually stand as one of the best gelato shops in Rome. After all, how long can a movie boost up revenue for a small shop if the gelato is horrible. The fun part of visiting San Crispino is imagining the color and texture of the gelato flavors. Who knows? Perhaps, the mystery gelato will push you to become adventurous and try a new flavor! If you’re seeking spontaneity, this is the place for you and your taste palates. Also, if you are searching for a healthy alternative to satisfy your gelato craving, splurge your money with San Crispino because you will not be able to find healthy anywhere else and you can’t leave Rome without eating gelato!

Address: Via della Panetteria, 42, 00187 Roma


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