Buongiorno Venice!

Memories from April 28, 2015 …

The one regret from the past I have is not starting a blog earlier. Now that I’m settled down at home and taking a break from traveling, there are days when I do not know what to write about. Luckily, pictures hold me over as the memories come flooding back to me. Today, I’m here to reminisce on my Venice trip from over a year and a half ago. It seems like another lifetime.


First off, if you haven’t been to Venice it’s important to note that there are absolutely no cars whatsoever. None. Nada. Nonexistent. Therefore, wearing sneakers is important since you’ll be walking around A LOT. Roaming around in any new country is fun but in Venice it can be complicated and stressful because the streets were created to make you get lost. One random turn can lead you into a canal and another can lead you to a brick wall. Using a map is also pointless because of the lack of street names to help navigate your way. Did I scare you? Although, it can be frustrating the positive solution is to always go back to the main square. Since Venice is really small finding your way back to the square is easier than solving that calculus question back in high school. Also, when in doubt, ask a local — the square is known to everyone! Venice is an island, expect water and gondolas. Indulge in the idea of being far away from traffic, honking, and congestion of air pollution! After all, Venice is an island, and islands were made for relaxation. Even if you get lost, don’t fret!


I suggest purchasing a Rolling Venice Card if you are under 29 years old! This pass gives you unlimited access to the water buses known as “vaporetto” and discounts to selected museums, shops, and restaurants. Since Venice is really small there is not much to do except eat, shop, and roam around.


On my first day I went to St Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), the main tourist hub, and spent my time visiting the cathedral. Interestingly, I even spotted Tom Hanks filming the movie, “Inferno,” talk about a lucky coincidence — it’s not even Hollywood! The square is a wide open space where you can chill and relax. Think of it as a vintage and not-so-crowded version of Washington Square Park in the city! Grab a panini or pizza and just people watch all day long.


This is the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). Rumor has it that if you go with your lover and kiss on a gondola under the bridge both of you will live a happy and eternal life of love and prosperity! Is this true? I’m not sure since I never tried it yet!


And lastly … a little celebrity spotting! Hi, Tom Hanks! I’m not a fan of selfie stick but it definitely would have came in handy at that moment. Instead of taking a picture of just him I should have attempted a selfie with him in the background! If you ever come across a celebrity, quickly, buy a selfie stick from one of the many vendors roaming around the streets in Europe!

Told you Venice was super small! However, this is not all! The best part of Venice is yet to come in another post!


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