A Classic Pairing: Whine With Wine

Had a hard day at work? Don’t run to the bathroom and start whining to Siri! If you’re wondering if that is a common thing, yes, it is. With the advent surge in technology, people are now becoming bffs with their phone and shedding their tears as they pour out their feelings — too much information, well it’s true. I fall victim to that … sometimes, I mean, very rarely.

However, why sit in the soggy miserable bathroom when you can whine to your friend, a human being, over a sip of wine. Next time you feel so miserable at work, school, or home take out your phone and text your friend, don’t double click the home button looking for Siri. Plan a hangout to Barn Joo 35, Korean’s finest gastropub in NYC, which, offers a selection of all types of drinks and fusion tapas and entrees. Being that it is a gastropub it has better quality food than the standard greasy bar french fries that are soggier than a McDonald’s fries. It can be pricey but you’ll leaving feeling much better than you did talking to Siri.

Now what to order …


First off, if you’re going more for the drinks rather than the food, hit up their tapas. Although, the tapas selections are not as extensive, they do have a good variety that will satisfy everyone — whether you like Korean food or are looking for American food.

We ordered Calamari & Nuts, Crunchy Tofu, and Nacho Belly. On a side note, just for fun, if you say nacho belly really quickly, it sounds like “not your belly.”How’s that for cheering you up? Ok … back to being normal now.

The Calamari & Nuts were lightly battered with wasabi buttermilk and sprinkled with chili spice, adding a hint of spiciness. The crunch came from the roasted peanuts. This was a good light dish to start off with our drinks.

The Crunchy Tofu was my friend’s favorite, it was fried and covered in spicy sauce.and served with a side of caramelized kimchi. She does not have a high spicy tolerance level but she was able to eat this dish with no problem!

Lastly, the Nacho Belly is created through the use of braised porkbelly, wasabi tortilla chip, and soybean paste on top! This was my favorite dish! As a huge samgyeopsal (Korean porkbelly) fan I never would have thought of eating it with a tortilla chip. It was a mix of Mexican and Korean into one small dish! It was a light dish to eat for a meat that can be overly greasy if eaten in huge consumptions.

Although, all our tapas were lightly battered or fried I did not feel sick and drowned in oil and grease, afterwards. The dishes were all small and they did not leave a trace of oily residue behind, which is always a good sign that the dish has not been sitting on a pool of oil for endless amounts of hours before arriving to our table.

Since my friend and I went during happy hour, which is from 4-7pm, we ended up ordering 2 glasses each of Red Apple sangria.Regular price during non-happy hour times are $12, we paid $8 for each glass we ordered. The sangria was created with Cabernet Sauvignon, bulleit bourbon, apple cider, and cinnamon stick. To top it off, they had fresh slices of apple and pineapple, which is an upgrade from Applebee’s sangria, which oftentimes has no fruits.

Would I suggest this place? Of course, it might become my hideaway place for days I’m feeling stressed. All miserable people unite here!

Website: http://www.barnjoo35.com/bar-and-restaurant/

Address: 34 W 35TH STREET NEW YORK, NY 10001


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