Brave The Cold

Before the flowers start blooming and the birds start chirping checking out Bryant Park’s Winter Village was on my to-do list. A five minute quick walk from my building, it should have been an easy task but attempting to brave the frigid temperature was not something to look forward to. However, lo and behold, the winter this year has been playing with my heart and giving me beautiful sunny days. Before 2016 ended I took a lunch break down to Bryant Park…

Is it worth $10? Probably not, but the experience was interesting. I’m not sure how it’s possible to eat without forks, especially if one chooses a chicken with a creamy sauce. I used a toothpick to eat with the chicken. The cone was crunchy and I would rather have had vanilla ice cream inside instead of chicken. Rather than a chick ‘n cone, fries and chicken in a cup would have been more efficient and easier to eat outside at a park.


The generation where we smash two separate items into one since we are lazy to come up with a whole new innovative item. I introduce you to the cretzel, a hybrid of croissant and pretzel. It’s a Paris meets New York City dish! This was my favorite stop, along with the Strand, in Bryant Park! The cretzel had the flakes and outer shell of a croissant but the bread inside and the shape was catered to match the pretzel! The one above is the sesame cretzel; however, there are other flavors available!

For those who want a quick snack in midtown, Bryant Park is the place to go! Since the holiday’s are over, many of the vendors are gone but they still have a few stations open and available! Check out Bryant Park, not only for the food, but also for the excitement that Winter has to offer in NYC!


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