Le Yummy In My Tummy


What is the best way to relax after spending a whole morning at the Louvre? Treating yourself to a three-course meal! After all, food makes everyone happy and what better way to satisfy your tummy than an appetizer, entree, and dessert all for one small price! Three-course meals have the reputation for being expensive and fancy; however, if you are traveling to Paris it is only correct to allow yourself to indulge in the luxuries of life! If not Paris where else would you try a three-course meal with wine?


Before I divulge on my three-course meal experience, one important dish to try in Paris is escargot (snail). Before you start complaining non-stop it is important to note that although it is slimy, if you are a seafood lover the texture will be similar to raw crabmeat. Personally, I had no plans of eating escargot because I found the idea of eating a snail to be creepy; however, after being continuously peer pressured by my friends, I gave in. I fell in love…the texture was not as wet and mushy as I predicted it to be. I especially liked how the snail was intensely marinated with garlic and butter, which hindered the taste of salty sea water.

Eating the snail is a process but a fun one! The snail inside is marinated with green-colored sauce that is formulated from the garlic and herb butter. In order to eat the snail, using the utensil provided, similarly to lobster, you have to dig in with the pitchfork. The claw will help the snail shell be stabilized while you play around with the pitchfork. The tastiest way to eat the snail is to eat it with bread as the sauce oozes out the bread becomes marinated and you barely taste the slimy texture of the snail! If you love garlic bread, then after finishing the snail, dip your bread into the remaining sauce!

The first step to a three-course meal is to take a sip of red wine and indulge in a warm French Onion Soup. Instead of using a spoon to scoop the soup use a piece of bread!

As a fish lover I chose the salmon while the others in my party opted for the lamb dish! After sprinkling the lemon on my salmon the oil from the fish dissipated. The salmon was fresh! I wish there were more vegetables rather than rice to accompany the fish but overall it was a satisfying dish! The salmon was also pre-seasoned with herb and butter before I spread lemon all over! The rice was a bit bland; therefore, spreading the lemon on top helped the taste!

However, as much as I love salmon if I could re-choose my entree I would go for the braised lamb! The lamb was soft and marinated well! The mashed potato was seasoned right and not bland at all.

Lastly, for dessert I ordered the cream puffs, which I failed to take a picture of! Shame on me, the food blogger forgetting to take a picture! The cream puffs came with vanilla ice cream and was the perfect dish to end my three-course meal!


I highly recommend visiting Le Bistrot 30 because the prices are not expensive, whatsoever, for a three-course meal! I paid 16 euros and in most restaurant’s that is the price of one entree dish! Why trek to Champs-Elysées for a meal when it’s bound to be overpriced and touristy! Instead stroll around St. Michael’s/Odeon location, whether you go to Le Bistrot 30 or elsewhere — it’ll be much cheaper than anywhere else in Paris! After you’re done eating here head on over to Amorino for a flower gelato with your loved ones!

Address: 32 Rue Saint-Séverin, 75005 Paris, France


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