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Gallery in Burano

When traveling to Venice, it is essential to give yourself a day to visit two well-known islands, Murano and Burano! Transportation, limited to only water busses, are available at your service to take you to the islands throughout the day. However, keep in mind that the ride does take a while and you should account for around 1-1.5 hours of travel time especially if Burano is your first stop. Since Burano is further most recommend visting Burano first and then stopping by Murano before heading back to main land Venice. Also, since there are a lot of people on the water busses, try to arrive early to the stops!


First stop: Burano. A whimsical island! 

As you slowly approach the island you will be welcomed with an array of bright colorful houses. Since the Burano is small, don’t expect to spend a whole day there. In fact most spend most spend around 2 hours maximum, which includes both photo and eating sessions. Murano is in fact an even shorter trip as I spent less than an hour walking around and taking photos! Burano with its lively colorful atmosphere and music on the streets, is a place more for the youth who enjoy taking pictures! There are more food options in Burano than Murano; however, I enjoyed catching a meal right in front of the water bus station! The vendor outside can provide you a quick meal before catching your ride but their dish was also satisfyingly yummy. Being a huge bread bowl fan back in America when I saw that they specialized in a bread bowl with seafood, I knew I had to try one! The bread bowl is more of a cracker/biscuit rather than a sourdough bread and the seafood that is offered on the bowl is calamari, fried fish, and fried shrimp! All fried but worth it! My theory is when traveling don’t worry about what’s bad and good for you — just enjoy life and eat everything!


Bonus fun fact: If you are a fan of Korean pop culture then you’ll recognize Burano as the place where IU filmed her “Every End Of The Day” translated to “하루 끝” music video.



Next stop: Murano!

Are you all hyped out from the colorful houses? Then Murano is the place to go for peace. Feel free to sit and just listen to the light waves crash one another. Rather than the architecture and atmosphere, Murano is known for the famous “Murano glass.” The glass start from six euros and go up to 21489824982982982 euros (okay, fine that was a bit exaggerated). It does go high; however, if you’re looking for something lower-priced, opt for a small trinket.


Murano Glass

A fun way to spend your time  is to watch the workers make glass in their little factory. Some stores offer a glimpse of insight on how the glasses are produced and manufactured! Overall, it is a super short trip to get away from loud tourists crowd and engage with the locals!

I recommend visiting both only because the contrast between both islands are so distinct! It’s interesting to see how lively one island can be whereas the other is tranquil! Plus, both offer lovey-dovey spots for you and your partner! Or if you’re going with friends and families, there are tons of photo spots to take wacky and memorable captures! After all, half a day is all you need and there isn’t much to do in Venice anyways!




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