A Hidden Secret


From the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris, Paris Eiffel Tower. Both work together in tandem. When you hear Paris, 90% of the time Eiffel Tower will be mentioned, as well. After all, Eiffel Tower is the landmark point in Paris and France, in general.


From Palais de Chaillot (Night)

However, here’s a secret! What people fail to realize is that Eiffel Tower can be best seen not at Eiffel Tower but at Palais de Chaillot! After all, if you climb up the Eiffel Tower, there is no way to take a picture of the tower but only a picture of yourself to mark to the world that you went up the overpriced tower. In fact, save that money and use it on Montparnasse or Arc de Triomphe, I would choose the latter. The main point is to see the tower in Paris, no other sight can match up to the beautiful bright twinkling lights from the tower. Second, if you’re standing right in front of the tower, how do you expect to get a full picture of the tower? Taking all these into account — walk over to Palais de Chaillot and get yourself a proper picture before heading over to the actual Eiffel Tower.

In order to get to Palais de Chaillot, take the Metro Line 6 and get off at Trocadero. From there, walk straight out the platform and you’ll see Palais de Chaillot.

Picture tips:


From Palais de Chaillot Stairs (Night)

If you go at night be sure to catch the twinkling light show that begins at 10PM from the top of the stairs. The duration of the show is only 5 minutes. Fun fact: It used to be 8 minutes but due to energy saving they cut it down to 5 minutes.


From Palais de Chaillot Fountain (Daytime)

After watching the show, start taking pictures from the top then make your way to the bottom, which is where you’ll spot a fountain. During the daytime, the fountain is the best place to hangout while having a mini picnic by yourself or with your family and/or friends. It can also be the prime photo spot to get a full body picture of the Eiffel Tower with limited tourists lounging around the background of your photo. After all, why would you want to share the spotlight with a silly young boy screaming at his mom in the background when you or the Eiffel Tower should be the highlight of the photo.

Don’t stop at the fountain, now it’s time to actually walk to the Eiffel Tower. From Palais de Chaillot it is about an 8 minute walk. Just walk straight along a bridge until you hit a hoard of tourists, which will confirm your arrival to the tower. Here, instead of pictures just take in the energetic and bustling atmosphere of tourists and pick-pocketers!


From Arc de Triomphe

Once again, if you’re willing to spend money to see the Eiffel Tower, do it through Arc de Triomphe or Montparnasse NOT the actual Eiffel Tower!


From Montparnasse


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