Oh Pompi, the master of all sweets in Rome! Why must you make it hard on me by serving both gelato and tiramisu?


Gelato is hard to pass up in Rome,or anywhere in Europe, because of how common and often it pops up on the streets.

Being that it was summer when I visited Rome I was slowly melting because of the intense heat wave; therefore, for my second trip to Pompi instead of a tiramisu I opted for a cold gelato.


I chose the piccolo (mini) size, which was 2 euros and I was able to choose two different flavors. Although, this is much cheaper than Il Gelato di San Crispino, it is important to keep in mind that Pompi is not a specialized gelato house.

I picked the classic tiramisu flavor because Pompi is the king of all tiramisu shops along with the pistachio. The tiramisu gelato had strong hints of espresso and the pistachio gelato had chunky pieces of the pistachio nuts.

Quite frankly, the tiramisu bodes well in Pompi because that is what they mainly serve and are known for whereas the gelato failed to stand out to me because it reminded me of supermarket gelato. There was no distinct taste or flavor that pushed the gelato to the next level.

I definitely do recommend visiting Pompi at least once but strictly for their tiramisu! After all, they are the master of all tiramisu dishes! Once you try a tiramisu from them, you’ll be back everyday until you leave Rome! If you do crave gelato, you can check it out but leave it for elsewhere! If you’re not gelato crazy and would rather save money on gelato then check out Pompi’s gelato selection! If you’re a gelato fanatic, check out Il Gelato di San Crispino instead!

Fun tip: Rome is the home for the Audrey Hepburn film Roman Holiday. One of my favorite scenes, personally, is the one where she eats a gelato on the Spanish steps! However, tourists and locals, or anyone in general, is not allowed to bring their gelato to the Spanish steps! As much as you want to impersonate Hepburn and take a famous gelato photo, save it because the fine is not worth wasting your money on!

Instead take a picture on the left side of the Spanish steps (orientation as if you were looking down the steps, in front of the pink flowers having the cameraman angled on the right side of you (cameraman orientation as if he/she is looking up the stairs) if you want the best and closest picture to the one featured in Roman Holiday. 

Lastly, wherever you eat a gelato, Buon Appetito!


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