Tumbling Around The Pisa


Recollections of my trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Immediately arriving in Florence I knew the first trip I had to make was to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After all, it’s not common to see a tower that looks like it’s about to fall on you during your daily strolls from work to home or school to work, vice versa. I can attest to the fact that the tower does lean and looks highly unstable in person but lo and behold it is standing strong after leaning for more than 840 years!


The highlight of the trip is being able to take unique photos with the leaning tower as the background! The pictures that people take are very diverse as some people kick the Pisa, or hold on to the Pisa, or some take pictures rolling around the grass in front of the Pisa. I instead jumped up straight in front of the Pisato emphasize the leaning of the tower. I also took one where I “attempted” to kick the Pisa! Sorry Pisa, hopefully I didn’t hurt you too much!


The train ticket from Florence to Pisa was 16 euros (round trip). However, keep in mind that all you will be doing is taking pictures and if you want going up the tower. Some may feel highly unsatisfied with the trip but it is what you make of it! ¬†Therefore, I definitely recommend you go up the Pisa tower, it’ll be a fun memory as you walk up the leaning tower around the circling staircase! I also highly recommend you save your money and walk to the tower from the train station. After all it is only a thirty minute walk and you can grab a gelato on the way while saving your money!

If you’re in Florence, spare half a day for a trip to visit the Pisa! You can go in the morning and in the afternoon view sights in Florence! The Pisa will not mess up your schedule because of how short the trip is and close it is to Florence compared to other places, which may require a whole day.


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