Eat With Two Hands

What better way to spend a cold snowy day in the city than eating a healthy and filling brunch with “two hands” while staring at cute Australian men in Two Hands Cafe at Little Italy!

After all the best weekend’s are those that we sleep in and indulge in brunch. Lately, I’ve been eating way too much sweets so to cut down on sweet’s and sugar I opted for a more healthy-style brunch — enter Two Hands! It’s a small cafe/restaurant (there should be a word that morphs these two together, seriously); therefore, expect wait time! The best part of this place is that they take your number and will text you when it is your turn, which allows you to wander around the nearby streets instead of having to wait in the tiny outside space for your turn to arrive. My friend and I checked out Cha Cha Matcha and ended up waiting for 43 minutes (we actually counted)! We arrived around 12:30PM and left around 1:45PM and there still was a wait — that shows how popular they are! People were trekking in the snow for this place!

The service was pleasant, the waiters and waitresses really do have an Australian accent and it is completely swoon worthy! They give you time to look through the menu and choose what you want to eat. Food is served quickly and it’s warm and fresh! Afterwards, they don’t bother you until you point out that you’re ready for the check! It really makes having a conversation with a friend easier when someone isn’t constantly checking up on you every five minutes! I get service is everything but no need to be a complete nuisance! This is why I love places, like Two Hands, who don’t repeatedly come to our table asking how we are doing.


The brunch menu is not as extensive but it has a bit of something for everyone. For those who want something sweet can opt for the Croissant, Banana Bread, Granola, or Acai Bowl! For the rest of those who want a hearty yet healthy meal can choose the Zoe’s Market Platter, which is what I chose! They also offer sandwich’s, which are good, as well! As for those trendsetter’s, you can eat the Avo Toast and instagram that to raise up your likes and followers!


The cafe is simple but nice with pictures of landscapes on the wall as well as flowers and twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling. The best part is the tables are wiped clean, which makes the dining experience much more pleasant! I got too excited when my friend pointed out that our food was arriving!


Top to bottom: The Verona Sandwich and Zoe’s Market Plate

My friend ordered the Verona Sandwich, which is an upgrade from just the Avo Toast because you get Basil Pesto and double the sourdough bread — I’m trying to justify reasons on why one should venture away from the Avo Toast! As much as I love the Avocado toast trend — it really is just smashed avocado on bread! However, the real winner was the Zoe’s Market Plate which has two eggs of any style with avocado, watercress, roasted tomatoes, sweet potato, pickled beets, and quinoa — essentially everything I love since I am a huge avocado and sweet potato fan! I chose poached egg as my egg style and the runny yolk was the best dressing for my salad! Roasted tomato was amazing and the juice was oozing! The sweet potato was warm and soft! Lastly, I loved how the avocado was smashed rather than cut, it definitely refined the salad more and made eating the quinoa a bit more bearable as I could taste more avocado than quinoa after mixing the two! Next time, I would get this dish again but perhaps I’ll add an additional side protein, smoked salmon or prosciutto would make a nice choice!

Overall, I really enjoyed this healthy brunch experience! Not all brunch has to be solely french toasts and egg benedicts! Sometimes the best brunch can also be the healthiest brunch!

Address: 164 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Website: Two Hands



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