Cha Cha Your Way To Matcha

Growing up my favorite color was pink. Ask anyone around me and they’ll be able to tell you that my middle name was “Pink” because  was always dressed from head to toe in pink and loved everything that was pink! Although I’m not a child anymore the one thing that has never failed to change is my love for the color pink! Cha Cha Matcha, a cafe, loved by all celebrities, which has been the main reason behind the bustling business every single day presents a retro cafe that masters in matcha latter. This cafe already had me at the color pink but the fact that it also curates high-quality matcha latter further peaks my interest. After all, I am a matcha killer and love all matcha related drinks and pastries.

Since this place is highly sought after not by only locals but also tourists it can get very busy! It may be better to go on a sunny day because the chances of finding a seat are so slim that this may have to be a takeaway cafe for majority of those who come. The weekends are especially busy; therefore, do not expect to chill and relax inside the cafe with friends.

As the name of the cafe mentions it all — matcha is their specialty and offer drinks that vary in the level of matcha present. The pastries are matcha related, as well! Ordering, luckily, is a speedy process! Even though the line looks long, you’ll be ordering your drink in no time!

I ordered the Coconut Matcha Latte along with a Matcha Banana Bread — both were delightful! The Coconut Matcha Latte used Coconut Milk instead of Regular Milk and the Matcha taste was strong and present. The art at the top made me feel as if the drink was made with care and love — I’m being too mushy, aren’t I? The Matcha Banana Bread was an interesting color; however, the lighting makes it hard to detect the true color — so go look for yourself! The Matcha was very much present in the Bread; however, it did not takeaway the essence of the Banana bread! I really liked the bread and would go back for more! I wish they sold it in loaves since I would love to take some home! What would make the bread better is if they added tiny chocolate chip pieces but that’s just the chocolate lover in me speaking!

Not only is the decor of the restaurant nicely presented but the cup also is cute and witty! The play on words with “matcha” is clever and it makes me smile every single time I take a sip! Although, the line is overbearingly long, since the quality of the latte is great and fits my tastebuds I definitely will be back — not once but plenty of times! Perhaps, next time along with purchasing the bread again, I’ll also try their soft serve — only once the weather gets warmer!


Address: 373 Broome St, New York, NY 10013


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