Tea Time With Friends


After brunch what do girl’s do, you ask? Why, we go for dessert! No afternoon chat with friends is ever complete without a slice of cake on the side. Luckily, not only is NYC filled with brunch spots but there are equally if not more dessert shops wherever you are — be it UES, LES, Midtown, Soho, etc.

Lady M first arrived to NYC in 2004; however, I remember it boosted in popularity while I was in college, which was 2012-2013. After opening up a shop in Bryant Park it soon became the coveted spot to try the Mille Crepes Cake. The intricate and delicacy of how the cake is structured intrigues those who take a bite. The Mille Crepes is made from twenty layers of thin handmade crepes and cream filling. The Matcha Mille Crepes is the popular sought after dish; however, I decided to try something new — Strawberry Mille Crepe.

Interestingly, the texture is different from what you would expect. I expected the texture to be more bread-like, perhaps similar to a sponge cake, instead it was creamy. As I took a bite out of the cake I tasted and felt more cream than bread — it shows how shockingly thin the handmade crepes are! The pieces of strawberries within the twenty layers accentuated the taste of strawberries within the cream. It reminded me of the Korean Whipped Cream Strawberry Cake from Paris Baguette. Although, there is no prominent cream, the cake almost tastes as if it is made solely out of cream. If I didn’t have brunch an hour before visiting Lady M I would have finished two Mille Crepes Cakes.


Most people do take out; however I chose to sit in and eat, partly, because the weather was too cold and I wanted to warm myself down. The drink’s are a bit more on the pricey side and are mediocre; however, the cakes and pastries are delicious! Don’t come with high expectations for drinks but do come hungry for the desserts — or take a whole cake home and share the delightful goodness with your whole family!

The Bryant Park location does have a line at times because it is located in a bustling area; therefore, take out may be an ideal option. Keep in mind that if you do chose to take out the cakes, make sure to refrigerate them within an hour or two after purchase to elongate and maintain the quality of the cakes.

Address: They have three locations (UES, Bryant Park, The Plaza Food Hall)

  • UES: 41 East 78th Streeet, NY, NY 10075
  • Bryant Park: 36 West 40th Street, NY, NY 10018
  • The Plaza Food Hall: 36 West 40th Street, NY, NY 10018

Website: https://www.ladym.com/


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