Brunch Like Dan Humphrey


It’s a weekend! No more 6 AM alarm, zombie walking to Starbucks, and then pounding your work computer as it refuses to open up your emails! What should you be doing on a weekend? Wake up past 10 AM and then head out for brunch — not breakfast but brunch. What I recently learned was that although brunch is fun with friends and families there are some weekends when alone time is the best. Dudley’s has you covered — whether you’re solo or with a group.

Inside Dudley’s there are tables that and a bar but along the side of the window’s there is a high top table for individuals to eat and sit while reading, writing, or just solely pondering about life.

Located in the heart of Lower East Side — feel free to release your inner Dan Humphrey-ism and people watch to find the love of your life that strikes your heart.


A dynamic brunch menu for everyone. Not only does it cater to those who strictly eat healthy but they also have heavy carb and protein filled dishes as well as dishes for those who eat small.

The table is small and it easy for one to feel cramped. The tables are close to one another; therefore, it may be recommended to save your most private conversation and chat with your friends or families for elsewhere.


The Norwegian Eggs is a popular dish for all eggs benedict lovers with a twist as it features smoked salmon instead of bacon. The ciabatta bread was crunchy but not hard to bite into. The poached egg was runny and combined with the hollandaise sauce made it a perfect combination as both the sauce and the yolk would melt into the bread. To consider eggs benedict healthy is rare; however, Dudley’s made this dish feel healthy — perhaps it was the presence of the salad. However, to me the salad fell a bit flat and I wished there were home fries instead. To up the quality of the salad they should combine and mix different greens and provide a slice of lemon on the side. The best way to spruce up a salad is to sprinkle lemon on top.


A simple and not so extravagant restaurant but allows you to feel comfortable — especially when alone. Most restaurants can feel intimidating when you are alone. I’ve dealt with plenty side eye glances when eating and reading alone in a restaurant/cafe before but in Dudley’s it seems to be the occasional norm. Will I go back to Dudley’s? Perhaps, the food was not outstanding but the atmosphere was friendly that I am willing to give their dish another chance. It could be that the Norwegian Eggs was not the right dish for me and that I should have opted for something else — one never knows if you do not give it a second chance! If you’re looking for a brunch place with friends, go somewhere else but if you want a no frill and simple brunch place for yourself then Dudley’s is the way to go!

Address: 85 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002



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