Smoky BBQ Gathering

Sunny Summer is here!

What is the number one important task for all dad’s when summer approaches? Dust off the BBQ grill and purchase bulk meat at Costco! The best part of summer is gathering with your family over pounds of barbecued meat and roasted corn! Also, can’t forget the cool and refreshing beer to counteract the heat wave! However, for summer to approach the city I’ll still have to wait two more months for the barbecues parties to commence! After all, Fourth of July is the day when the streets in my neighborhood smell of Smoky Hickory BBQ sauce as everyone is preparing for family gatherings and extravagant fireworks. Until then, I’ll have to make do with a BBQ restaurant that fulfills my needs! Enter: Blue Smoke in New York City’s Flatiron District. 

Blue Smoke is one of many of Danny Meyer’s owned restaurants. The highlight of this BBQ joint is that it specializes in Southern style BBQ and offers an extensive beer & bourbon list. In the daytime it is a restaurant only but come nighttime the basement opens up and presents live jazz venue. The multiple times I’ve been there it’s only been during lunch; however, one day, I’ll go for a live jazz music session and report back! Taking a picture at this place is so hard because once the food comes out the smell is so tempting that it’s hard to resist eating immediately.

I’ve tried many items on their menu but sadly only took pictures of two individual dishes! It’s so tempting and hard to resist. My impatience continues to fail me whenever I come here, the aroma of the barbecue sauce is too enticing.


Smoked Chicken Wings with Alabama White Sauce

Every restaurant has chicken wings as an appetizer choice. It is also the best bar food to accompany drinks and finger food for little children to messily play around with. However, what makes these wings stand out? The Alabama White Sauce that comes on the side as a dip. The ingredient is a secret but I was able to find out that the two most important ingredients are the mayonnaise and white miso sauce.


The main go-to dish for me during a lunch hour is the Chopped Barbecue Sandwich. One day, I will have to try the Pit though because it comes with a biscuit and I love buttery biscuits! The Sandwich is great because it really fills you up with the amount of meat they give you. The meat choices are exactly the same as the Pit; therefore, even without ordering the Pit I almost get a taste of what the BBQ meat from the Pit order would taste like. You can eat them as a Sandwich or I tend to eat the meat and bread separately. Treating the bread almost like a biscuit. The BBQ chips are crunchy and thick. When you bite into them the crunch makes a hard noise. The sauce is tangy and great. Everything meat and BBQ related here is superb!


Must Try:

  • Appetizers
    • Chicken Wings
    • Barbecue Chips
    •  Deviled Eggs
    • Cornbread Madelines
  • Sides
    • Grilled Broccolini
    • Sugar Cane Glazed Baby Carrots
    • Seasoned French Fries
    • Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Entrees
    • Chopped Barbecue Sandwiches (Pulled Pork and 7 Pepper Brisket)
    • From The Pit (Baby Back Ribs, 7 Pepper Brisket, and Pork Spare Ribs)

Can Pass:

  • Appetizers
    • Crispy Hog Cracklins. Although oily and greasy food are the best accompaniment with drinks, I personally would have just picked fries. This tasted like fried oil!
  • None for the sides!
  • None for the entrees! You can’t go wrong with the meat here!

Great to go with co-workers, friends, families, or date! If you miss summer BBQ sessions, check out this restaurant to cure your summer blues! If you do plan on visiting the restaurant with your date, do keep in mind that it can get messy so don’t wear white!

Tip: Make reservations because you may end up having to wait up to two hours on a weekend night!

Address: 116 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016




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