Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

  1. Hot Air Balloon in Turkey
  2. Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls, Africa
  3. Parasailing in Australia
  4. Sand boarding in Africa
  5. Bike Ride in London
  6. Volunteer in Haiti
  7. Watch a soccer game in England
  8. Visit a Super Bowl game
  9. Learn basketball
  10. Watch a film in a drive-in theater
  11. Learn skiing
  12. Go camping and learn to set-up a tent
  13. Walk along a cherry blossom path in Japan
  14. Ride a roller-coaster
  15. Study abroad in a new country
  16. Travel with friends
  17. Go on a self journey for a whole year, similar to Eat, Pray, Love
  18. Hike in Switzerland
  19. Paragliding
  20. Scuba Diving in Australia
  21. Road trip in Iceland